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With Vodacom’s latest remote surveillance solutions you will have peace of mind knowing that your property is safe.

: SPOT is a single camera with an Intelligent Motion Detection system that will inform me via an instant SMS alert, if anyone trespasses on my property.

SOLUTION TWO: With VERi-Fi, which is a multiple camera solution, I can connect up to five external Wi-Fi cameras to a single unit, giving me access to multiple areas of my home or business to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Vodacom now offers you the best range of mobile data service, choice and value for money. You can choose the mobile data solution to suit your unique mobile data communication needs and only pay for the amount of data you use, regardless of how long your session is - all billed to your Vodacom account.

Vodacom's mobile data services offer you mobile, instant and affordable broadband access to the Internet and email, or your company network - from your cellphone, your laptop or desktop.

You now have a wider choice of broadband technology options to address your unique data communication needs, with the widest coverage in South Africa and abroad

View some of our Specials in Multimedia format, or download them to watch later!

The DStv Select package allows me to choose between two DStv bouquets – a 15-channel option that includes kykNET, or a 16-channel option including M-Net Series and Hallmark. Four DMX music channels are also included with each option.

Now, I can watch models striding down the catwalk on Fashion TV, listen to cool tunes on MTV Base or tune into Nigella whipping up a sumptuous meal on BBC Food – all in the comfort of my TV room at home!

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