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Vodacom now offers you the best range of mobile data service, choice and value for money. You can choose the mobile data solution to suit your unique mobile data communication needs and only pay for the amount of data you use, regardless of how long your session is - all billed to your Vodacom account

Simultaneously connecting multiple PCs to the Internet is made easier with the 3G HSDPA Router from Vodacom! Vodacom introduces an easy, simple and cost effective way of connecting one or multiple PCs to each other and to mobile broadband Internet.

What is it?
The Linksys Router from Vodacom allows one or up to 5 devices simultaneous access to the mobile broadband Internet using a single data card (Vodafone 3G Broadband Mobile Connect Card). It affords you the opportunity to create your very own network at home, at the office and on the move. This solution is ideal for business users requiring portability while being away from the office and addresses the need for a semi-fixed networking solution.

Who is it for?
The router from Vodacom is the best solution for anyone who requires Internet access from a semi-fixed location or has multiple users at one location wanting to gain broadband access to the Internet at the same time. For use at home and for a small home office:
  • The Router provides a fast, easy and cost effective means of connecting one or multiple users to the Internet, and other network devices such as a printer
  • For mobile business users such as professional work groups:

    • This solution translates into increased productivity and greater convenience.
    • The 3G Router forms a portable office for nomadic professional workgroups such as consultants, auditors, accountants and users working in the construction and engineering industries.
    • It offers multiple users’ immediate access to the Internet where no fixed or appropriate communication infrastructure is available; such as construction sites, business events, and conferences.

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