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Corporate Connect – Least Cost Routing


Corporate Connect is the name given to a solution whereby traditional fixed-line telephone equipment can be connected to the Vodacom network.

How to use it
Corporate Connect comprises a fixed cellular unit and SIM card activated on a Vodacom Talk 500 or Talk 1000 package.

When connected to a corporate switchboard (PABX) this unit enables outgoing cellular calls to be routed directly via the Vodacom network to the destination cellphone.

Benefits & Advantages
  • No hidden costs

    • No SIM card costs.
    • No connection fee.
    • No CLI fees.
    • No itemized billing fees.
    • No callback setup charges.
    • No maintenance fees.
    • No router costs/rentals.

  • Flat rate packages available: same rate with no cross-network charges. Savings guaranteed.
  • Routers with built in routing capability for older PBXs without LCR.
  • Cellular callback. Reduce cell phone accounts by having your PBX call them instead of them calling you.

Installation costs may be applicable. Subscription and call charges are billed on a monthly basis.

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