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With Vodacom’s latest remote surveillance solutions you will have peace of mind knowing that your property is safe.


SPOT is a single camera with an Intelligent Motion Detection system that will inform me via an instant SMS alert, if anyone trespasses on my property.

SPOT Tariff Plan

Once-off fee (Connection fee and SIM card incl) - R701(incl VAT)
Monthly subscription – R144 (incl VAT)
Free Data - 20MB
Out of bundle rate – R2.00/MB


With VERi-Fi, which is a multiple camera solution, I can connect up to five external Wi-Fi cameras to a single unit, giving me access to multiple areas of my home or business to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

VERi-Fi Tariff Plan

Once-off fee (Connection fee and SIM card included) – R1301 (incl VAT)
Monthly subscription – R550 (incl VAT)
Free Data – 40MB
Out of bundle – R2.00/MB

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